Love Bomb

Blow your mind and soothe your skin with this Cannabis infused sensual body butter! Nourish your body inside and out while enhancing your pleasure with this sensual nectar for the skin, so good you can eat it. Great for daily body care, massage, sensual play and as a healing topical. LOVE BOMB melts into luscious oil on the body, enjoy! Made with 100% Organic and Raw ingredients  

Why Cannabis infused Love Bomb?

  • Love Bomb is a luscious aphrodisiac, personal lubricant, and edible skin food
  • Excellent for massage and sensual play
  • Awakens arousal and enhances sensation
  • Increases blood flow, stimulation, and stamina
  • Heightens orgasmic pleasure
  • Naturally alkaline to help maintain a healthy vaginal PH
  • Can be psychoactive with ingestion or anal use
  • Over 80% organic and wildcrafted ingredients

Cannabis infused Love Balm can be effective in promoting the following conditions:

Getting hot, wet, and delicious.