Wild Citrus Lip Balm

Give your lips the love they deserve with our incredibly hydrating Cannabis infused organic lip balm.  You’ll have a hard time putting it down! Citrusy Oils of lime, lemon and orange blend with organic coconut, hempseed, jojoba and olive oils to provide deeply nourishing and healing relief for all conditions. Great for chapped, cracked or irritated lips and the antiviral properties of coconut oil and cannabis are highly effective at preventing cold sores! Soothes, nourishes and tastes delicious!

Why cannabis infused Wild Citrus lip balm?

  • Luscious, nourishing and moisturizing with the benefits of essential oils and cannabis
  • Natural antimicrobial and antiviral benefits of cannabis make it highly effective in healing and preventing cold sores.
  • Heal chapped lips quickly with the synergy of Cannabis and high quality oils
  • Over 80% organic and wildcrafted ingredients
  • Non-psychoactive