Cannabis products Review: Om Remedies in the Willamette Week!

Unchapped, Slightly Buzzed: Om Remedies Tasty “Edibles” No one has to know that your lip balm gets you a little high.

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There are so many different times when you might want to get a little stoned without broadcasting it to the world. Long-distance travel, urban camping, movies, a rough day at work. And unless you identify as a “stoner,” you probably want to get discreetly buzzed without the over-the-top high of most edibles or the public display and scorn that comes with vaping. Enter: Om Remedies Wild Citrus Lip Balm ($6) and Sunny Spray ($20).

Om Remedies is a local “seed to skin” company that produces a variety of cannabis topicals and tinctures, all of which are, at least subtly, marketed toward women. Its Love Balm, an “aphrodisiac, personal lubricant…full article HERE